Green Stuff


As I read this sign I was struck by the intrinsic cultural differences in childrearing, again, between East and West.


“Allow your child to get absolutely wet and dirty.  file://localhost/Users/Eva/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2013/06/13/20130613-224129/GLjeMCpsSzacE0VdFqL2RA/DSCN0284.JPG

“Allow your child to get absolutely wet and dirty.  

Sit back, relax and watch your children play.”

From an American perspective, it sounds pretty straightforward.

Not so in our city in China.

Those would be considered very poor parents indeed, who let their child get dirty, who sit back while their child climbs on dangerous equipment they could fall down from, plus the mere assumption that there is more than one child at all.

So we enjoyed the unpopulated playground, muddy creek, trails and grass immensely without any well-meaning comments about our parenting skills from the grandmotherly peanut gallery babysitting youngsters in split pants.






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  1. More beautiful pictures! Isn’t it awesome to be out there in the ‘green’! On your next visit, we need to take you to Rolling Ridge Ranch in Millersburg. Amanda, Taylor and I went there Wednesday. Hundreds of animals to feed from a wagon. It was the best! Love and hugs!

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