Grilling: Food and More


DSCN0215I was determined to eat as many varieties of grilled foods as possible while in the US this summer.

Due to our lack of ventilated porch on the 14th floor over there, rules about grilling down in the courtyard and parks, etc, we have missed the grill while overseas.

The first week found us dining on grilled salmon, marinated chicken and roasted veggies one day, and portabellas and brats another time.

And of course, burgers, dogs, steaks, sweet corn, and other saliva-inducing all-American treats.

There was somewhat of a re-entry learning curve, like the fire from dripping oil that completely charred the first batch of ‘bellas.

We travel back to China next week, and will try not to miss these things.

Traveling back and forth is kind of like pulling a curtain back or closing one door and entering a different room.

If you try to keep the door open and live like a Westerner, expecting western foods and customs and all the rest when in Asia, you will be disappointed.

Such as, there is no Mexican food in our city unless you make it all from scratch yourself with substituted ingredients.

Passable Italian food, but forego any steak-based entree anywhere.

However, if you focus on enjoying the food Chinese people do well in China, you will be in culinary paradise–not only great authentic Chinese cuisine, but also their Korean and Japanese neighbors serve up some mean grub locally.

Hmmmm….could also apply to other aspects of cross-cultural living.

When I get back to China I will introduce you to our new neighborhood’s “Eat Street.”

In the meantime, live in the present!





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