In Memory


“Baby Allyson” was fostered by two amazing women from October 2012 until May 2013, when she passed away peacefully in her sleep after suffering serious complications from recurrent meningitis at the age of 8 months.


She was an orphan with serious health problems at a remote orphanage  when her two foster mothers decided they wanted to give her a chance to feel loved regardless of how short or long her life might be.

During her life, many people asked why they would do such a thing, spending time, money and emotions on a child without a future.

Their response:  Life is valuable, and we should treat her as a full human being.

They fell in love and had their hearts broken, yet move forward knowing that they did the right thing.

Here is a poem written by one of her foster mothers that was read at the memorial service.

Baby Girl

Left at a police station

So small, so sick, so alone

Denied love by a nation

Yet still one of God’s own


He saw you laying there ill

His child fighting for a chance

Death was not God’s will

Your life He would enhance


You came home to us one night

Two young teachers, we were scared

We loved you at first sight

But we were a little unprepared


For months you cried and cried

Gas, prematurity, maybe?

Our every nerve was fried

Cuz of our colicky baby


We’d rock and sing and swing

The crying would not end

Our ears began to ring

Your brain needed to mend


Chubby cheeks, eating well

Rolling over, sleepy smiles

Everything seemed so swell

Except your medical files.


CT scans and X-rays

Bleeding, Fluid, PVL

How many are your days?

Only time would tell.


You grew so very sick

To the hospital we went

Straight to the PICU quick

Our cries to God were sent


Father, hold our baby girl

In your loving arms tonight

Doctors and nurse ‘round her whirl

Give them Your great insight


Her future is unsure.

Her suffering is too much

They say there is no cure.

Today she needs Your touch


Her infection is severe

Death is now for sure

But we shall not fear

You have a purpose for her.


Comfort her, may the pain be mild

Give peace to her body too.

Father we give you our child

To forever be with You.



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  1. Love at it’s best… Those Mom’s were blessed to be a blessing to Allyson who is now released from the limitations of her earthly illness! I thank God in rememberence of Allyson and her foster Mom’s!

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