School Dazed and the Fine Arts


All these pictures posted on Facebook of First School Days of fresh faced cuties with their brand new backpacks ready for more learning make me right teary-eyed.

So I decided to post an oldie but goodie of a Not-First day of school in China a couple years back.

Please note the strategic position of the burlap sack covering an anatomically correct statue.

I blogged about this a while ago…

We just returned to China after a 3 month stay in the US, and by far the hardest thing for me to return to was the perceived craziness and unpredictability of the school situation here from a foreigner’s point of view, compared to the (also perceived) routine, normal low-stress process of beginning of a new school year in Suburbia, USA.

WHAT ON EARTH AM I SENDING MY KIDS INTO???!!!!!!!  Often runs through my mind.

Going into our fifth fall here I do have a better sense of what happens.

I have devised my own explanation to grandmothers who wonder what on earth I do with my kids if they only go to school half day (we send them to local school in the am, and homeschool them in the afternoons).

I just tell them I give them extra English tutoring classes at home.

Ahhh.  A lightbulb goes off.

They can identify with that–all the local kids spend every waking moment in an extra tutoring class of some kind, weekends and holidays included.

In fact, in my own mind, I have decided that the opposite is the case.
I do their “primary schooling” during the homeschool period, and send them to extra tutoring sessions at school every day.

It’s all in your perspective.

However, we just moved to a new district and we’re not sure yet which school they will go to, so all bets are off about everything else.

In the meantime, I’ll take Ancient Roman Art for 200.

first day of school


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  1. Thinking of you all. Hope all goes well with all four. This picture is so cute of your girl and the added detail is a giggle to start the day. Love it! Take care. Love and hugs to all!

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