Ikea Marvels


We went to Ikea on Saturday to pick up some stuff to organize our new apartment.

It was a feast for the cross-cultural palate.

Let’s just say the public has no difficulty testing out the wares on display over here.

We saw people on the couches, watching the big screen TVs turned on.   Ok, no big deal.

I was a bit startled to see a family finishing up their lunch at one of the dining sets in the kitchen display–no, not takeout from the Ikea cafeteria, but their own tupperware, plastic bags and chopstix brought in from home.

Kids were having impromptu playgroups in the kids bedroom section, with everyone sitting on the floors and beds getting snacks fed and playing with the display toys.

Nearly all the beds in the massive bedroom area were taken up, including several couples snuggling under the comforters, and some napping for all the world to see.

I just wish I had just as much guts to snap their pictures.



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  1. That is incredibly funny! I got a great big chuckle. We were so sorry to have missed you this summer. We are thankful that you made it home safely and settling in to your new apartment. We are praying that your new location brings new opportunities for which God has prepared you.

  2. I wouldn’t say it’s funny – they come there to just take a nap during the lunch time, eat etc. my husband was so embarassed when we went to Ikea in Shanghai and saw that kind of scenes >.<

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