On Moving and Home


We moved recently.
Well, really it was in May, but 3 days before we left the country for 3 months.


So now we’ve been back for about two weeks and trying to fit our 6 selves and stuff into this apartment we were longing for all summer but didn’t quite associate with home yet.

Despite clearing out 99% of our earthly belongings before pulling up our roots in the US 4 years ago, it seems like we have too much stuff again.

I think two visits to the US and returning to China each time with maximum luggage allowance for six (12 pieces plus carry ons) has something to do with it.

I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t first class (yeah right)–that would have allowed us a total of 18 suitcases at 70 pounds….

Certainly the first movers thought we had too much stuff when they came to our old apartment.

One look and they decided it was too much work for them.

Standard fare here, really.
It’s all about getting what you want on the 2nd or 3rd try anyway-why should movers be any different?

So our Chinese moving friend just called someone else, who came by a little later and agreed on a reasonable price.

We do appreciate our community here.

In the few days before and after we moved some amazing friends (both expat and Chinese) worked hard to help make the move happen.

Now we’re exploring the new neighborhood by bike and foot, enjoying the fabulous streetside restaurants within a few minutes walk.

There is a significant Muslim population nearby with a lot of Western China flavor, and the grilled lamb skewers they offer up are simply amazing.

Our view is more urban with apartment complexes close up in all directions (read:  pull the curtains real tight before getting dressed).

We hear our neighbors’ kids in the stairwells (and I’m sure they hear us).

We share a courtyard with hundreds of other residents in the complex.

But nevertheless, it’s home.



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  1. Wow! Glad you are settling in. Big building! What is the arched structure in the lower left corner of the picture? It looks like a walkway. Loved the kids’ drawing. Love and hugs to all!

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