Plaza By Night


That plaza from a couple of posts ago?

It’s a jammin place at night.

Dancing, rollerblading, jumproping in unison.



This group was my favorite of the musical numbers–a harmonica band led by the most invigorating older gentleman in a white suit.


He was all poise and dramatic effect.


And of course, what we came for originally–the lighted fountains that even Chinese kids run through (in the daytime…).


As usual, the 7 foreign kids had a huge audience watching their antics.



They had so much fun we didn’t even realize that one of our kids needed stitches until we were ready to leave.

But that’s another story.

Involving the kitchen table, Papa Doctor on call for the weekend, and awesome next-door neighbors.


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  1. The fountains are beautiful! Looks like fun for everyone. Sorry it ended up with stitches, though. Thanks for these pictures. Love them!

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