First Day of School


China Style.

If you’re a foreigner, that is.

Going to a Chinese public elementary school.

Since we moved, we were trying to figure out which school would allow foreign children to enroll, and some friends of ours were in the same boat.

The school welcomed us with open arms, and even insisted that the 5 kids (2 are ours) be a part of the first day opening ceremony today and introduce themselves on the stage.

Some 4th grade girls.



Snow White and the ummm…five dwarfs?  Plus as my son pointed out, her hair is the wrong color.



The school is named after Chairman Mao’s son, a war hero.



The whole school stood in formation for over an hour while the festivities took place.



Our kids plus our friend J introducing themselves.



The principal saying a few words.  All the teachers were dressed in matching white suits and gold shoes, looking rather like flight attendants.  The parents of incoming first graders were invited into the schoolyard as well, while other parents could watch from outside the fence.




We are very thankful for this opportunity for our children to really integrate into the Chinese culture in a unique way.

I am sure glad I can understand more when they talk to me, and know which questions to ask than I did 4 years ago….





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  1. This is so neat! Thinking of them daily as they start this new experience, and mama and papa too. Your children are truly citizens of the world! Love and hugs!

    • Thank you Cathy for your thoughts DAILY – Wow! that is really an encouragement! What a blessing to read your comments with nearly every post. The whole family loves you sister!

  2. Glad it worked out well for your kids.
    Did your kids introduce themselves in English or Chinese?
    Do they teach English in schools?
    Will they wer uniforms to school? Appears all the kids are dressed alike.
    Just wondering – whole new culture.

    • They said both their English and Chinese names…and they do teach English, kind of like US schools teach Spanish. Uniforms are usually on Mondays for the flag raising ceremony, the rest of the time regular clothes. Fortunately the whole city’s elementary schools use the same uniforms so our kids have them from their previous school. Thanks for asking!!

  3. Thanks for posting the pictures! So surprised to see that it is J speaking…………..


    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. . . it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

  4. It is so funny ti see that it is a lot like in Mexico (uniforms, line formations, principal and teachers wearing alike uniforms, etc) public or private schools!! The US being the neighbor country would never do such things…for the sake of “freedom”. We pray the kids have a wonderful and blessed school year!!

  5. Love your post!! It is amazing they can get that many children to stand in straight lines for over an hour. U.S. school would have a very difficult time doing that! Your kids will be in asset to this school as well as the school will be an asset to your children. Every foreign language class I took was hard because I had no one to practice with. Not so with your children. Their Chinese school mates can help your children with Chinese while your children can help their Chinese classmates with English.
    I miss you bunches and pray for you daily. Jen AKA Miss Tweet!

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