Street Eats






Our new neighborhood offers many small street grill restaurants with sidewalk dining option, so we’ve been having a family night on Friday or Saturday.
The kids are surprisingly fond of the rather spicy lamb and beef skewers, along with sweet-n-sour beef, dumplings, and grilled naan bread.
We feel a bit removed from mainstream China with Arabic script everywhere, scattered women wearing head coverings, and Arabic-sounding pop music blaring as the grill guys whoop and holler.




Then there was the matter of the dead rat (which somehow emerged and ended up dead in the middle of the outdoor seating area during our meal) which all the kids agreed was “way cool.”

The cook just got a stick and tossed it off into the shadows.


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  1. Sounds delicious… makes me miss “home” even though our street food is different. However, it’s quite possible that the rat actually ended up in the kitchen! Oh well, just slap on a little more chili sauce!

    Miss you guys,


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