The Turtles


turtle store

You just never know what you are looking at sometimes.

Take this picture I snapped the other day while riding in a taxi down a busy street.

I was enjoying the bright orange (a trademark of mine…) and appreciating the “typical Chineseness” of the windows, wires, and other things.

Then I was looking at the pic on my computer and thought I’d go the extra mile just for this blog and translate the sign just out of curiosity, instead of reading “special something-something-something-fish” etc. If I’m lucky I hit a 50% on my reading ability of chinese characters in public.

In fact, what I was looking at was the local outlet of the National Tortoise and Soft-Shelled Turtle Chain Stores.


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  1. LOL! Oh boy! Was out of town so i am looking forward to getting caught up on emails and your recently posted stuff. Love and hugs.

  2. Hi all!! It was such fun meeting up with you ( well except Brian his loss:)) I have a prayer request for you all. As I typing this I am a patient at Akron City with the poss. of having some type of TIA or a mild stroke today. I was falling and walking like a drunk person.I was so bad someone made a commit that I must have a few too many! It was 11am. Please pray that the Dr’s do not find any thing else!!! I am not sure I can take much more! Give the kids a hug and kiss from me All my love Jen AKA Miss. Tweet!

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