Words Fail Me…


To express what exactly is happening in this photo near a pool (courtesy of my friend D who was on vacation in southern China recently).

I welcome any feedback from my faithful followers…

Image 2


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  1. Hi Eva,

    It looks to me as if she is trying to stay out of the sun… but I could be wrong. Maybe she is afraid of being hit by a meteor.


  2. maybe she is worried that people in low flying airplanes will be able to see down the front of her swimming suit so she is holding up the umbrella for modesty’s sake?!?

  3. It reminds me of one of those hidden pictures where this time we do not see clues below to give us information but all the details shate a message There is the obvious: person in bathing suit standing under a stream of water holding an umbrella to protect her hair from the water?,Or is she posing for a vacation spot with the beautiful tropical plants? Intersting picture. thanks for sharing.

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