The Only Race in Town


That I know of.
In a city of 9 million, no less.
Our third annual fundraiser and awareness raising race for our foster care program was this past Saturday along the river, and I was so thrilled!

Thrilled for the blue pollution-free skies…
Thrilled for the huge community enthusiasm from both Chinese and expats…
Thrilled for the cheerful runners speaking French, German, English, Korean, Chinese putting up with our small-kid-in-the-big-city race with handwritten signs, no shoe timing chips, but lots of volunteers…
Thrilled my own kids decided to all run in the race, with Oldest Daughter (age 10) getting a trophy for Women’s 3rd place in the 5K…
Thrilled about the ~$3600 raised that will go directly providing for the foster children’s needs…

I love this unique community I belong to here.

I will post more pics once I get them from the volunteer photographer of the day!



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  1. What a special day in so many ways! Thanks for sharing all this fun and the special rewards too1 HUGS precious ones!!

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