It was lamb.



Not sushi, not korean, not mexican.
Sometimes I miss something key in the exchange of conversation and have learned to curb my expectations until after the event is over.
Oh my what a feast we had yesterday.
If you’re a vegetarian, I’m very sorry.
You better stop here, because the rest is very carnivorish.



There is a phrase I learned recently:
扶墙进, 扶墙出。
Enter leaning against the wall (i.e. faint of starvation),
xxit leaning against the wall (so stuffed you can barely stand upright).


I think it applies to this meal–starve yourself before you pig lamb out.
In addition to succulent lamb roasted on a spit for hours, then carved at the table and served with a peppery rub, we had tiny shrimp, sauteed eggplant, sweet-n-sour pork, tofu in a soup, spicy fried green beans, eggs with greens, and more.
All reportedly “green” organic type food.

The bonus was weather nice enough to sit on the outside patio without shivering.

Our Chinese friends had invited us out for a whole lamb roast during the national holiday week that is still happening.
We had met them when their daughter was extremely ill last spring, and she will still need some extensive surgical work done down the road.
For now, everyone is happy that she is alive.



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