Happy Moment


I have a backlog of posts partially written, but this one has to come front and center.
Our second daughter just told me today that in their Chinese class at school (Chinese public school), she finished the character-writing/copying assignment first of all her classmates.
The teacher not only complemented her on doing a great job, but let her be the one to go around and give stickers to all her classmates!
What an honor!
And I’m so grateful for her teacher encouraging her.

This particular daughter has had a harder time with adjusting to school here, ever since we got here 4 years ago, and we’ve often wondered if we’re doing the right thing.
So today was a sweet victory for her in realizing that her hard work is paying off.

Here she is with her own iPad.



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  1. Go girl!!! Proud of her. That is a serious accomplishment.

    Had a great time with your other half this evening. Bill took him by the hospital a little while ago~

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