Thanksgiving Day (early)



The Chinese church’s thanksgiving celebration took place a few Saturdays ago.

This was quite the unique cultural experience.

My husband was recruited by the medical doctor’s group to participate in a song-and-dance, which they practiced every Sunday afternoon for a couple of months ahead of time.

Then a week or two before the event, the English service music team was asked to participate as well, so we scrambled to come up with 3 songs (I sometimes play the guitar with them).


Then the Sunday before, they asked my husband to recruit me for the doctor’s performance as well.

I didn’t have to dance, just sing, they said.

Just make sure I brought my white coat.

The time, and order of which group goes when, we found out the night before.

The English group was #11, and the doctor’s group was #21 of 50 groups!

Holy cow! This was literally an all day affair lasting from 8:30 am until about 6 pm.

So we showed up mid-morning and practiced our stuff.

All kinds of groups were in the halls, back entrance, and side doors practicing their routines, singing, and getting dressed up for their part.


As we stood queued up in the offstage area, I got to see other groups.


The one right before was a bunch of elderly women dressed up in orange and green dancing and singing very traditional style a capella.


Other groups had fancy outfits and waved flags and banners as they were dancing across the stage.

Afterwards about 5 women stuffed bags of 2-3 supersize Baozi (large stuffed dumplings) into my hands, to make sure I wouldn’t keel over of starvation.

And then the doctors said no, don’t eat them, we’re going out for real food in a minute.

Which we did.


And they promptly asked us if we would participate in the Christmas program.

I’m fully expecting to be notified about rehearsals about mid-December.


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  1. Great pictures and commentary! Thank you so much for sharing. Does my heart good to see all this and your parts in it. Awesome! Love and hugs!

  2. Smiling with a chuckle or 2 so appreciate the uniqueness of your opportunities. So happy you and Brian are flexible! What joy to express Thanksgiving to FATHER.

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