Energy for the Afterlife


We were outside near less-populated areas last weekend and I took a hike in the woods with the kids.



We stumbled upon what was clearly a gravesite.


This is not so common in China, since due to space reasons and probably cultural reasons most bodies are cremated and the ashes placed in a mausoleum.

But I hear that in the countryside some places still have graves.


The yellow papers are burned, and the food and drink are offerings, I think.

Some of the practices in this area seem to be a mix of Buddhism, animism and superstition/rote tradition, and it’s not clear to me what it all means.

Different people have different explanations for why things are done the way they’re done.


I can’t wait to ask someone about the can of Red Bull.


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  1. Interesting. Also neat that it looks like it does here. Small world I think! Let me know if you find out about the Red Bull. 🙂

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