Photos Not Related to Racquetball


Here are the pictures I was fighting to get over the Great Firewall yesterday to accompany my previous post.

We have our own cultural reminders of Christmas, of course.


Here is a typical “老家“ (taken from the slow train that I spent 15 hours on recently), somebody’s home village in a backwoods area.


And I am living the life, subsisting on Ramen noodles and toasted sweetened popcorn kernels.
Not pictured: Stinky Foot Odor of at least 50 other people settling down for the night.


With the absence of familiar markers of the passing of seasons, I have developed new and equally pleasant ones.
Fall brings the trucks loaded sky-high with leeks and cabbage, and winter brings the candied fruit vendors, popcorn carts, and piles of persimmons.



(I think that’s a block of blood-gelatin over behind the citrus fruits).

And finally, as we live this multi-cultural life overseas, we are bringing our family’s own flavor into holiday customs that have no root in any known country but only in the creative minds of the young. This game is called: Find the hamster in the Christmas Tree.



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  1. Thank you for these wonderful pictures and for your sense of humor too. You always bring a smile to my face with these comments. I think ‘find the hamster in the Christmas tree’ sounds like a game i would like! My girl’s hamster got chased by the cats one night when he got out of his cage. I think yours lost in the tree is much safer and less stressed! 🙂 Love and hugs!

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