Picked up



This little guy was finally adopted by forever parents a few weeks ago.

I had the privilege of being a fly on the wall, since I have known his Chinese foster mother since we first came to China and she wanted me to be there.
She had begun to foster him after an American family went back to the US.

It was my first time to this city department, where marriage licenses are administered.

But that’s another topic.

He was running around the room, climbing on chairs and looking at the fish with his older “sister.”

Refusing to be held, like any 3-4 year old, and jabbering with everyone and coming back to foster mom for security.

She had a huge bag filled with his favorite blank, music player, stuffed critters, clothes, PJs, snacks and more.

She pulled it all out one by one and explained things to his new mom.

I spotted another young child also going through the adoption finalization process.

That child’s behavior was the stark opposite.

He was sitting on his new parents’ lap, silent.
Tolerating all the handling by strangers without a fight.
The two young orphanage workers spent about 30 seconds explaining his routine and then disappeared.
The child didn’t seem to notice or mind.
He was probably about 2 years old, but looked much smaller.

He was clearly raised in a typical orphanage environment, without the benefit of a loving foster family to instill trust and attachment.

I felt sad for his loss, even though I know he is embarking on a new life with adoring parents.

It could be so much more.

And our group?
We all parted ways on the sidewalk, bawling our eyes out as we waved Little Guy into his new future.


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  1. Great story-and wonderful work you all are doing-love this as well as all your emails! Love and hugs to all! Mary

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  2. Deeply touched my heart. Thank you. Affirmation to keep trying. Love the comparison. Helps keep one on track and encouraged.

  3. This one made me smile. I had a very similar experience with my 3 year old yesterday. I spent time with her “new” family, explaining her schedule, food likes, favorite pj’s etc. while she happily buzzed around the room bouncing back and forth between us all. I had been second guessing how much help I may have been….thanks for the post πŸ™‚

  4. So beautiful! Another great testimony for foster care. So happy for both children, and glad you could be there. Enjoyed all your posts. That’s awesome that you’re training for a half marathon- especially in that weather! I really admire the tenacity of the Chinese people, especially those outdoor marketeers. Loved your food pics and the culinary adventure of unusual animal parts πŸ™‚ Reading your blog makes me excited (and more prepared I think) to come to China.

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