February Word Salad


I will resort to run on sentences and random phrases because it’s all I can handle with 8 kids in the house until today we’re now down to seven this was soon after my 5 day trip to the Philippines for children’s psychosocial needs in disasters conference and the Chinese new year with fireworks going off nonstop while the 3 year old foster respite child sets hamsters free from their cages and the other kids dive under furniture to find them before they eat up our wireless router cables again (or worse).

OUr neighbors’ kids will go somewhere else for the last few days and I hope to resume my running schedule while we replete the fridge since the city nearly shuts down for the weeklong holiday and firecrackers are still going off tonight 8 days later.

We ate lots of jiao zi both traditional flavors as well as pizza and taco flavored ones which we dipped in pizza sauce and taco sauce instead of soy sauce because that just would’t work so well and had leftover jiao zi several times they are pretty good in a soup with some beef bullion cubes thrown in.

All the hamsters were found but another one escaped after the large plant in the window fell on the cages and bent the cheap wires while the kids are laying on the couches, coffee table, and piano bench to sleep together and we play about 439 rounds of Ticket to Ride including the version of our city that our friend made and I’m glad it’s still cold cuz all the stuff that didn’t fit in my dorm size freezer is hanging out the window like a good Chinese neighbor.

While in the Philippines I made some wonderful new friends and someday I will post some pictures but since it’s Chinese New year and the internet is at 5% of normal sluggish speed on a vpn because the company overloads the broadband and everybody is still wrapping up their vacation and surfing the net I will wait until another day.

Several foster kids were sick and two had/have extended hospital stays that I have been involved with and I see all those people camping outside the PICU and am thankful my children have not had to be trapped in there without contact with their parents. I was also disappointed to see they finally fixed the sign that said “Emergency Liquor Room” and changed it to the much more conservative “Intravenous Admixture Pharmacy” but there’s still a lot of good chinglish out there you just have to look closely to see the sign that says “Toilet Opening Inside” in all the restaurants after a new city ordinance was passed.

That’s all folks until I find my brain again and do some more laundry because one child wets the bed nearly every single night and hang it all out on the kitchen balcony to dry.


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  1. Dad and Mom chuckle at your animated descriptions! We so appreciate that through the stress times you exhibit humor. HUGS to you each one and continue to perservere as you walk in your days and responsibilities in the love of C. We love you precious ones!

  2. I agree with what Mom said! Can’t say it any better than that. You are all in my thoughts every day. Thank you for taking the time to share as you balance all your activities. Love and hugs!

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