I have been running a lot in preparation for my big 40 half-marathon debut on the Great Wall, now less than 20 days away.

I always take the same path and do laps around the city block where we live, 1.3 miles per lap, and have made some face-friends.

At this point, the Muslim man selling beef stomach and other unidentifiable innards from a cart gives me the thumbs up for each lap.

An older gentleman evokes primal screams in a doorway while he stretches, then waves at me each morning as he marches along briskly, arms swinging in his pink polo shirt as he yells “1-2-1-2.”

I left home one morning last week to go give a lecture, wearing a knee length dress, black boots with heels and carrying my laptop and purse in pursuit of a taxi.

As I went past my faithful guards at our apartment gate, one of them said, “Oh, going for another run I see.”


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  1. Amazing! I told my husband about your half marathon to get him psyched about moving to China. Is it all on the Great Wall? I love your detailed observation of the people living around you. Noticing little things is an important quality in a physician and writer 🙂 I also read an inspiring book on China’s 20th century history. It’s good to consider the stories of others- gives me the courage to face my own problems. Bless you guys!

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