Class Time


Last month our program director for family medicine training asked if “anyone” was available to do some pediatric lectures for a group of doctors.

Three hours of lectures, coming up in less than a week.

So of course as the pediatrician in our group, I “volunteered.”

I found out this group of doctors was part of the national family medicine retraining initiative, where specialists are receiving a month of intensive family medicine education and then sent back to their places to work in some kind of family medicine-community health-ish kind of environment.

And I had 3 hours to give them the sum total of pediatric education they might ever receive.
How to condense 3 years of residency into 3 hours???

I decided to go by the old adage of “first, do no harm.”

Fortunately I was able to use a lot of previous materials I had lectured on before, and selectively incorporate it into my presentation.

My most excellent Chinese colleague (and translator) and I also prepared some jeopardy questions and broke the group up into teams, with homemade chocolate chip cookies as prizes.

In the end, I was extremely pleased with the fascinating discussions we had about some of the questions, and this group of doctors, mostly from western China, was the most interactive audience I have met thus far while living in China.

We had a great time learning from each other about our different perspectives and common goals in treating children.

photo 1-001

And every last cookie disappeared.
As much as Chinese people keep telling me they don’t like sweets, I find the opposite to be true.

Just sayin.


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  1. The FATHER has indeed given you the gift of creativity with joy. Thanks for sharing! HUGS! Love, Dad and Mom

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