Canned pumpkin….overrated


Why buy a can if you can spend an ENTIRE day in the kitchen preparing 30 cups of pumpkin puree from scratch?

If you would like to find out step by step how this works, here’s the scoop.

First you pick out two hefty gourds from the neighborhood squash truck, fresh in from the countryside (usually mid-October) and haul them home on your bike’s child seat.


You take your can’t-live-without-it Chinese megacleaver and slam it hard into the shell, hoping to get through.




You put the chunks into a large wok with a bit of water in the bottom and steam until soft.
It’s amazing how you adjust to having a 2-burner stove, even to feed 7.


You take a break and make lunch for the family while the pumpkin cools.
Then you put it in the blender until you smell a burnt smell, and stop.
Hopefully all the pureeing is done before the burnt smell kicks in.


After setting aside something for tomorrow’s baking, you put 2-cup portions into freezer bags and make the mistake of loading them all into a huge bag, freeze and forget for about 2 weeks.


You clean up your orange kitchen.

And you bake the family’s all time favorite recipe (from Pumpkin Roll!

pumpkin roll
(picture from

Other things I have learned to make from scratch include “cream-of-” soup for American “easy casseroles”, granola, bread, cinnamon rolls, tortillas, tomato soup, salsa, hot fudge, hot caramel, and pretty much anything else you can think of in a western diet.

If you crave it badly enough….

And the rest of the story is a warning: Do not shove the entire large bag full of wet pumpkin baggies into a tight spot in the freezer and forget about them for 2 weeks.

You may need to spend half a day partially thawing out that freezer drawer to separate everything frozen into one solid orange rock.


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  1. Oh my! Your tongue in cheek reporting is making me smile as I write this. You have a gift for this and I am so glad because I enjoy every post! I love it because I feel like I’m there with you on your adventures. Thank you so much for sharing it all, with delightful humor! Air hugs!!!! ❤

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