Kitchen market ambivalence 



I love it and I hate it.

Like so many markets here, the best shopping experience is if you don’t go with a particular goal in mind, but know that you probably need something there and when you find it you know.

It’s like flea market, Big Lots, Tuesday Morning  and thrift shop all rolled into one.  IMG_3880
Plus a little yard sale and a hint of the housewares department at Wal-Mart.

Paradise for bargain hunting, photo/ops with visiting cousins, and sometimes getting what you actually came for.


The dark side is this:

You find the perfect thing, and it’s stored off site somewhere and they don’t bother to tell you it will be a 45 minute wait till the third 15-minute promise has failed to deliver.

You find the perfect thing and they don’t have any extra but the vendor next to him days he does, then after a 15 minute wait he said he only has the next size up.

You find the perfect thing but when it breaks there is no return policy.

So go, and enjoy, and be forewarned!

If you don’t find it, there’s always Wal-mart.



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