Weddings with Chinese characteristics 


Our kids are becoming old hats regarding Chinese wedding receptions.

They know the drill: early morning departure, smoky room, cigarettes, dried peas and candy at the tables, and mounds of unidentifiable food.

Our oldest has become the designated taste tester of the unknown at the kids table.

With a bottle of soda nearby she willingly risks taste buds and Chopstix to reassure the others whether they ought to try it.

Or not.

They see the bride dressed in several outfits during the reception, watch a very secularized version of lip syncing, rings, vows, bottle of wine, and lots of jokes from the MC in between everything.

The actual marriage has taken place at the city registrar weeks in advance, so this is really just the party to celebrate.

I appreciate the deep bows to honor the parents, and the group photos they do with everyone.

Once the couple comes to your table to greet you, receive the gift (red envelope with cash) and toast or light your cigarette, people often clear out pretty quickly.

Church weddings are rare here although we have attended a few of those as well.

I’m hoping our kids can attend a western style wedding for comparison sometime-this is all they know about weddings and receptions.

In the meantime, there’s always something interesting to see on our way out of the lobby where half a dozen other happy couples are also announcing their big day.

We really don’t get the reindeer thing.


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