National day


We are on 60-some years of celebrating the New China today, October 1.  

It’s a government holiday but many stores and our vegetable market are open, and the shopping district was packed with pedestrians.

We, of course, attended yet another wedding with two boys as attendants to the bride and groom whom we had never met but were friends with his sister. 

Our oldest outdid herself and ate the fish eyeball. 

There was a very hard round thing in the middle. The lens???

I am still totally disgusted and have the taste of vomit just thinking about it. 

There is always something unusual to see.

The kindergarten had a field trip to the zoo yesterday as well, where we watched bears stand and beg for snacks from the public.

There were also llamas straight out of Zootopia, gourds hanging, and old army tanks.

And there’s always something unusual to see when you look out the bus window.  


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