Year in review: family version

Year in review: family version

January:  I’m going to cheat and add in two very important moments from December of 2015-saying goodbye to our moms/grandmas before departing to China for another long time.  That is one of the toughest moments for me.

We returned and visited Z’s orphanage before the Chinese New Year because they all wanted to see how he had done after his big heart surgery.  Some tears were shed.  On a side note, the little sweetie in the background passed away from his heart condition later in the year.

February:  Feburary 29th ought to be memorable in some way, so we joined our neighbors in donning our swimsuits and heading out into subzero conditions for a few minutes.  Our neighbors of course, thought we were as crazy as usual.  Chinese New Year was a highlight, as usual with a pizza-and taco-deep fried dumpling feast as we enjoyed the fireworks.

March:  We went back to school for the spring semester, including Z’s first experience with preschool.  The other picture is kids packing the elevator for our Easter egg hunt in the courtyard.

April: Our newest family member joined us:  Bjørn the schnoodle. img_2909

May: The seasonal migration of expats, with our bestie neighbors leaving for 3 months, and celebrating 1 year since Z’s adoption day!


June: Somebody got her driver’s license!  Watch out, China, for the blonde Chinese woman on the streets.  The license I’m holding had a misprint and stated my nationality as Chinese-as I took the selfie I realized it and ran back inside to have it fixed to avoid the risk of having my license deemed invalid or fake in the future.

IMG_3789 (1).jpg

July: Carefree summer days

August: Kindergarten graduation, one of many airport runs to pick up or drop off friends, and our first appearance as “parents of the groom.”

September: back to school, running 5k for foster care, and another tearful goodbye.

October:  autumn sports days, wedding boys, and in the mouth of the golden dragon.

November: thanksgiving of course, with my language teacher and friends in attendance, kids made a cake for “Wolf Appreciation Day” and hotpot at a coworker’s home.

December: Advent and joy throughout.



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