This is a multipurpose blog with the following goals:

1)  Provide a way for loved ones far away to see how big the kids are getting

2)  Give snapshots of culture (stress) and life as an expat family in China

3)  Tell stories about medical education and orphan work

4)  Process difficult experiences through writing-aka vent…


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  1. We both have the same advocacy for the children. Continue to be blessing to these angels. More power to you. Nice blog! 🙂

  2. I love your blog! Our family adopted our “Lilly Bug” from Shao Yang in Hunan province almost 17 years ago. Such a blessing.

    I pray for Lilly’s biological mother everyday. I’m not sure if she needs my prayers, but I can only imagine the courage that she had to muster to lay that baby on a sidewalk then walk away. It must of haunted her for so long…maybe even now. I thank God for the woman who gave us our daughter.

    So, so glad that your son is doing so well! Little Rascal!!!

    • Thanks! We often wonder about our son’s birth mother as well. If you have time, I highly recommend reading Message from an unknown Chinese mother by Xinran. She is an excellent writer and this book addresses the women who lost their children to death, abortion, and abandonment in the Chinese context.

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