A family of now seven, who moved from US suburbia to China in 2009 to work with a family practice residency training program.  We also serve marginalized patients in nursing homes, countryside villages and with orphans, disabled children in families, and other vulnerable children.  Papa is a family physician with 10 years of clinical experience with everyone from the cradle to the nursing home. Mama is a pediatrician who worked in international child health, adoption medicine as well as general pediatrics back in the US.


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  1. Hi,
    We appreciate being able to be a part of your lives through your blog.
    Hope you get a tub soon. Hope your language classes are going well. It looks like a beautiful country there.
    Our son, Kip, is in southeast Asia with friends. They have been able to meet many wonderful people there and experience many new things from another culture. We are happy he is in a culture where young people have respect for their elders.
    Husband, Ron, mother Lois and others in our family are well.
    Ron & I have an opportunity to get away for a couple of days, but don’t know where to go or what to do.
    We have been raising children for 41 years and taking care of my mother for about 11. Our family and friends at our club have been our whole lives till now. When we do go away, we usually visit cemetaries in Pa. where our ancestors are buried. I think we need to get a life!

    Happy you all are well.
    Will be in touch.
    Chris and family

  2. I still email with Kristin Duvuvuei and she is very interested in what you are doing. Would you mind adding her to your blogsite? I never forward anything.
    Hope this finds all 6 of you doing well. Cold in Ohio, too.j

  3. So totally like all the photos and the stories that go with them…baby is beautiful!! good job you two!

    Ter and i will be traveling alot he officially retires on april 2…hurray!! so we head out to san diego, then family re union in virginia, then maine, then florida!

    still dont take the time to clean my house would much rather have sweet fellowship to encourage one another along. some new people in our life…so we are definately not bored.

    much love to you all chopsix!
    ter & pamela

  4. Hi, We miss you here in Westlake. Just reading and catching up. Post more photos. I will keep your family in my prayers. What an opportunity you have to be able to make a difference in a childs life in the most desperate of situations. God bless.
    Kelly Elwin-RB&C Westlake

  5. Hello!
    I am so happy to find you here and will follow your adventures with great interest and many prayers!
    Dr. B knows but I will let other readers know that my mother-in-law, Grannie Annie (91 years old, she lives with us) was his patient for — seven years?
    Thank you for keeping us posted. I hope you consider this an important part of your mission, since it is so much work, but it is very enlightening and uplifting for your readers.

    God Bless You all!

  6. My Dearest Lydia and Lukas,
    I so loved looking at your pictures and seeing Lydia getting ready to go to school. I miss the warm weather that Thailand gave us, and I miss you. It was so much to see you every day and lets not forget how much fun it was to eat lunch then jump in the pool. Its snowing in Birmingham, Michigan right now and very cold. Easter is a week away and l look forward to celebrating it with friends and family. I trust you will do the same.
    I keep you in my daily prayers, I miss you both every much and your mom too she is very nice to talk to.
    God Bless you.
    With all my love,
    your Craft teacher,
    Miss Judy

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