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Chinese beach extravaganza 


I am relieved that I can live peacefully and fashionably with my untannable snow-white freckled skin here in China.

Plus, the modesty factor is quite high. 

We took a three day road trip to a coastal city this weekend and did the ultimate budget vacation for 7. 

Read: youth hostel. Enough said.

We had quite the eclectic lodging experience although my kids would have liked to stay in the parked train car on the hillside instead of indoors.  

And the bonus of meeting interesting people like the German guy who’s been biking across  three continents for the past 16 months. 

So, back to the beach. 

Just let it be known that you will see less skin per capita at a Chinese beach than any other place in Europe, The Americas, or SE Asia.  

I can’t speak to the Middle East. 

The only sunbathers in sight were a couple of European women in their bikinis–everyone else (in the female category) was decked to the fingertips and toes in hats, scarves, windbreakers, long pants, high heels, and the ultimate face-kini-connected-to-jumpsuit. 

Take note of the gloves. 

Instead of parasols and lawn chairs, you could expect to see tents, tents and more tents.  

Most people came not so much to get into  the ocean as to look at it for a while–as evidenced by the high numbers of people not wearing anything remotely close to our idea of beach wear.

Although, Mr Chopstix though he spied some men skinny dipping on the far edge of the beach. 

But hey, there are many ways to enjoy the ocean and everybody was having a good time!




Our family actually traveled south to be at a medical conference that Papa has been involved in planning for the past year, but there was a decent amount of free time if you weren’t attending the pre-conference (I wasn’t)!

We had a fabulous time with about 70-80 foreign and a few local docs and nurses working all around China in various settings, whether NGO, local hospital or clinic staff, community health, resident training, and other types of charitable projects.

It was great to network with so many old and new friends, and the kids also spent time with other kids who came along for the warm weather and tropical surroundings.

It was also indescribably nice to let the kids dress in shorts and a T shirt with $1.50 pseudoCrocs, sans long underwear, coats, hats, gloves, thick socks, ad nauseum.

In short, we had a lovely peaceful week in China, with only the typical entourage following our family of fair-haired children’s every activity.

I think the most fascinating part of this whole phenomenon is how our kids have learned to completely ignore the cameras focused on them from every angle.

Yes, this is a beach full of warmly clad folks (it was about 70 degrees that day and windy) all focusing their attention on the foreigners who dare let their kids cavort in the surf.

If I tilt my camera just so and zoom in really close, I can pretend we’re all alone.