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Little Chopstix Hard at Work


I do not think I could do this when I was two years old…


Another Use for Chopstix


In this case, we are looking at a metal multi-purpose chopstick that is part of a matched set in a lovely plastic case that Papa uses for lunch on the go.

It was the best tool in the house to use as an awl as he was trying to make a new doorknob-latch fit into an old hole.

The sunglasses are to protect the eyes in case any metal pieces go flying in the process.

The latch never did catch, which could be one of several reasons.

1) Cheap flimsy metal.

2) Misplaced hole for the latch the first time the door was made with metal plate immovable.

3) Sagging doorframe.

4) (Most likely): ¬†Deformed door after I tripped and fell into the door and the 2×4’s separated and half the door went flying down our hallway. ¬†It has since been nailed and glued back together by a friend’s dad.

And yes, our toilet is in the corner facing the room at an angle.

And yes, the washer (not visible in this view) is facing the toilet on the adjacent wall by a little sink.

And yes, the electrical outlet for the washer is not, in fact, near the washer so the cord is draped by a couple of squeegee hooks on the tile wall across the top of the doorframe.

But those are all pretty typical structural nomalies here.

I’m just glad it’s not a squattie.