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No Fireworks, Alas…

No Fireworks, Alas…

But a good time was nonetheless had by all.

A veritable potpourri of expats and local friends gathered at the river on the 4th, a regular workday here in China.

Picnic assembled, a puppy discovered.

Baked chicken wings and dumplings in lieu of [deep sigh] burgers and brats.

Water balloons, kite flying, soccer ball kicked around.

Chinese friends experimented with ball and glove.

Foster parents and their beloved tots showing off new skills.

And the next morning, a note.

Found and immemorialized.

The life of a Third Culture Kid in a nutshell.

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First Snow!


The day started with a sprinkle of rain, which was a drizzle by 1145, and hail by noon.

By 1230 when we arrived at the LIGHT Thanksgiving party, it was real snow.

This is what we encountered at 530 when we were leaving to go home!

Needless to say the children happily played and got soaked and frozen on our walk back, which took us nearly an hour with all the snow angels and snow puppies that  suddenly appeared.