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My week in photos


Accidental shot mid-market run (mangoes and grapes on the handlebars, going to buy vegetables)


Special time with my girl, painting very breakable stuff (this is our 4th)


Lecture one morning at college class for students studying to be Chinese teachers for foreigners


Song lyrics at Sunday morning church


Junior colleagues and a grandma discussing the kid’s development. ┬áToday was a fascinating observation in cultural issues in (grand) parenting.


Apricots in season!



Street sightings


I went to the market for the first time since back in China yesterday, and saw one of the usual sights that still always turns my stomach.

Then the strange thing happened as I thought with a nostalgic twist, oh, it’s been so long since I saw that.  

And so I was feeling strangely satisfied to be grossed out, and savored the moment of fond old memories.  

Or something like that.

I even turned around on my bike and went back to snap a picture.

Yep, piles of raw pork and chicken parts that the vendor scoops up with their hands.  And this time of year, with a layer of ice glistening on the surface. 

Then I was rewarded with one of my favorite sights a moment later. 

Candied haw and other fruits.  

As I reflected on this tangled web of emotions,  I almost got hit by a car. 

Welcome back.