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Morning Run


With jet lag you can get a lot of stuff done by 5 am.

So last week I tried to take advantage and get in some early runs before my natural tendency to sleep rules and I get more settled….

A few notes on the pictures:

The sky was remarkably blue, due to some recent torrential rains the past few days.

The roads were remarkably unpopulated at 5 am.

Demolition zone–on every other block.


The nearly complete rehabbed government square.  Can you spot the defective computerized image on the pillars?

And the next day I ran the images were all of somebody’s generic HP desktop.


The construction workers were filing in underneath to start work on this impressive structure.  I don’t see any signs about “Injury-free days” around here.


The vendors selling things to people about to get on long distance buses to recreation areas outside the city were busy.


Sidewalk art.


Wedding processions start early.  Note the flower-decorated car at the front of the line. The blue-and-white building is the entrance to the Muslim meat market, where you can get best-quality cuts of beef and lamb.


I thought this construction wall advert was cute.


In contrast, I (try not to) daydream about my trail runs in the northern Minnesota Boundary Waters about 6 weeks ago….